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don't take my word for it ....

..... listen to what some of our clients have to say .....

Before working with Mark, I had already acknowledged that although I knew that I needed some kind of help in the business, I was unsure as to where this would come from.


I met Mark through my contacts in BNI, the Business Referral Organisation.


Initially my biggest frustration was the lack of leads that were coming into the business due, primarily, to the current economic climate. Additionally we always seemed to be busy, but this was not showing in the profits.


We now focus our efforts more on profit than turnover and 4 months into the coaching process we are nearly £16k ahead of our profit targets.


This was largely due to implementing some simple strategies and by focusing more on our numbers.


I now feel that we have the tools necessary to generate more leads and we know what to do.


The coaching process has made me address issues that, otherwise, would have been swept under the carpet and I have found that it is extremely useful knowing that I have someone to talk to about the business at any time.


Mark has a down to earth, hands on approach, and I can always count on him for his positivity, honesty and reliability.


I certainly endorse business coaching and would say to anyone who is considering investing in Mark as their coach to seriously consider it then just go ahead and do it.  Andrew Caulton, Managing Director, Wendy’s Carpets & Curtains Ltd, Rotherham

May I take this opportunity to recognize the help and support you have given myself, Andy and Danny regarding motivation, direction and ideas for moving our business forward during such a difficult economic climate.


Being one of the Directors of a flooring and soft furnishing specialists we are constantly under pressure to produce results above and beyond our client’s expectations. Sometimes this is far easier than others.  It also means that sometimes we get bogged down with what we shouldn’t be doing rather than looking forward and planning where the next months business will come from. You have definitely helped us focus on what we should be doing, rather than what we end up doing. As a result of this, last month we produced our best figures ever in the history of Wendy’s.


Over the past ten years, we have grown the business and the great service that we offer has enabled us to get repeat business from existing customers.  However, with the current climate, we have had to source other ways of increasing foot fall thro the door to produce the figures.  You have certainly given us food for thought every week, and a serious kick up the backside when you thought we hadn’t pulled our weight.  It was difficult at first to take criticism but as the weeks went on we all realized that you had our best interests at heart and were genuinely trying to give us focus and ideas to move forward.


Myself , Andy and Danny are all sales people and do not necessarily have the business acumen to develop the business to the level we desire. Being a family business and working together can be difficult to say the least at times, with various obstacles and personalities working together on a daily basis it can be challenging, but with your guidance it has made us realise that setting the goal and working towards it as a team is far easier than working individually. You have also made us respect one another more and see that each one of us has different traits that can help grow the business further.


You have been a lifeline for all of us and now we realise the importance of planning ahead, setting those goals and believing that we can achieve them, and you know what we can!!! 


I’d also like to say how pleased I am to have met you, I do think that you genuinely do care about people and helping them to succeed which is a very special gift to have.


Personally, I have recently lost 2 stone in weight and I do think the focus you have given us in the business has spilled over into my personal life.,


Thank you Mark and keep up the good work! Best wishes Wendy Caulton, Director, Wendys Carpets & Curtains Ltd, Rotherham

Before working with Mark, I was a little sceptical, as I was unsure as to how coaching could improve my business, as I had been running a successful company for several years. Despite this I always had a feeling in the back of my mind that I was capable of achieving more.


I met Mark through my contacts in BNI, the Business Referral Organisation.


Initially my biggest frustration was time, I was working 60 hours a week in my business, and although I was used to this, I was becoming increasingly more concerned about how this was impacting on my family time. Initially, the coaching process meant that I was working even more hours at first, as there were so many things that needed to be resolved, other than just time, though I was working more from home.


This was largely due to implementing some simple strategies in my lead generation process which meant that I wasn’t spending as much time preparing quotes that would never come to fruition.


Since starting coaching, I have changed the team which has increased staff efficiency and on a more personal note it has made me realize there is more to business than I thought and it has certainly made me look at business in a different light.


These strategies and systems have saved more that 20 hours per week in my business.


Mark continues to prompt me into taking positive actions and always does what he says he will. I can count on Mark for anything to do with my business at any time.


Some of the biggest lessons that I have learnt so far is an acknowledgement that change in business is necessary, and, actually, putting those changes into place can be quite exciting. It’s also great to have someone to bounce ideas off, almost like having a business partner.


I certainly endorse business coaching and would say to anyone who is considering investing in Mark as their coach to listen, take everything in and do not discount anything. Craig Wilkinson, Managing Director, Restyle Loft & Garage Conversions Ltd, Sheffield, founder of The TradesHUB & Elite Business Academy

I would like to sincerely thank you for the 90 day Planning session you ran on Wednesday 4th November. I have never done anything along these lines before and don't mind admitting I was dubious about what I was letting myself in for. It turns out I was letting myself in for a LOT! A lot of support. Alot of ideas. A lot of

opportunity to make my business what I know it can be.


I was of the mindset that things weren't going too badly business wise and whatever I wanted to achieve would happen at some point, somehow. Looking back this now seems like quite a naïve approach and also quite unrealistic. I now know that if things are going to happen for me and my business I have to make them happen. Just wishing they would happen is not enough. Only through identifying what I want to achieve can I come up with a plan to achieve those goals.


With your help,  I now feel like I have taken the single most important step so far in making my business into what I know it can be. I will definitely be coming on the next course in February 2010. I don't expect my business to be making me millions by then but I do expect that it will be more organised and more on track to be capable of earning me that million down the line! Thanks again, Richard Hennessy, Owner, Focused Hypnosis, Sheffield

I want to thank you for persuading me to attend your 90 day planning workshop in February 2010. This really helped me to get an understanding about the business I want to be in and even what I want from my life. It has been a scary and at the same time a very exciting couple of months I have to admit. Now I have made my hardest business decision ever - one I never thought of making - a decision to leave Abacus Administration Services Ltd.


Making this decision would not have been possible without your help and support – you asking the right questions about both my feelings and the vision I have about the business. As a result I am currently setting up on my own being sure that this is the right way forward. Hence I will be able to take my business to the direction I want to; but also to support better Abacus, which despite of leaving is very important to me.


I have already booked myself for your next 90 day planning workshop in May and I think this as such could be seen a testimonial of your services.  It has also become very easy to refer you to other business owners knowing your experience, enthusiasm and that you will really care about their business - maybe even more than of your own. Therefore, I will keep spreading the word. Janita Maaranen, Managing Director, Into Professional Ltd

I am a marketer of health and fitness - in layman’s terms I am a personal fitness instructor. So as a fitness coach, it was easy for me to draw parallels between fitness coaching and business coaching.


If you want to get fit, or you want to be part of a winning team, then it is important to have a great coach. All the best teams around the World already know this. Just look at our results in the 2008 Olympics. It’s no surprise that the Olympic Teams investment in coaching paid off in the medal tables.


Even knowing this though, I was still sceptical when Mark first contacted me back in April 2010 inviting me to one of his planning workshops. Like a fool I dismissed it, but quickly realized that I simply could not afford not to have a coach. I was kicking myself and cursing myself at not having a business coach. I kept saying to myself what I could have achieved if I had a coach. 


I met Mark for a “Business Health Check” and then the “Alignment” session. He took my business apart and did an in depth check. It was only then that I realized how badly I was running my business. His guidance has been priceless. The Business Planning Workshop is mind blowing as he teaches you how to plan your business for the next few months; the plan is essential and helps keep you focused.


I then started group coaching with him and the rest is history.


Since that time my income has risen by some 40% and the trend is continuing. I would strongly suggest that on reading this you call him and arrange your FREE business consultation. Trust me when I say he is extremely good and if you are serious about making money you should phone him right now. He has a range of options to suit everyone and I have no hesitation in recommending his services. I just kick myself for not hiring him beforehand. James Bond, Personal Fitness Instructor

I have worked with Mark since October 2010 and with his support I have transformed my business in so many different ways. 


I have become much more business aware, in particular understanding the financials and how to make the figures work and influence the growth of the business. 


Mark is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of business development.  He is also a great people person and is equipped with the skills to work on areas of weakness and turn them into strengths.


I fully recommend working with Mark if you need any level of support to grow your business model and achieve your overall goals. Lucinda White, Pure Awards Creative Ltd

Mark persuaded me that I could benefit from attending one of his 90 day planning workshops.  Initially sceptical I took the nothing ventured nothing gained approach and I am pretty glad that I did.


So what did Marks 90 day planning workshop do for me?


Honestly, it help me realise what I needed to do to take my business to the next level and what I needed to do to have what I wanted out of life. Mark challenged me to think about certain aspects of my business and make some fundamental changes.  Mark also reminded me that it was ok to say NO.


Having left the workshop it would have been easy to lose focus and get caught up in ‘life’, so Mark’s follow ups helped me to form good habits, habits that I am still keep.


So back to my original question, it’s easy to recommend someone isn’t it?  In Mark’s case yes it is. Hamish Fell, Director, UIS Online Ltd

We have only been working with Mark for a few months, yet already our business is more focussed and has moved from a state of chaos into control.


Prior to working with Mark, our business, though successful, was drifting with no real direction.


Now, however, thanks to Marks motivation, we have renewed enthusiasm, are more organised and have a clear direction of where we are going. Mark Pearson, Director, Online Development Ltd

I just wanted to take a time-out to pass on my sincere and heartfelt thanks for your help and support over the first quarter of this year. The impact of what you have contributed will be felt within my business for many years to come and I have no doubt that I will be calling on your services again in the future.


I have to admit I was very sceptical at the start as to what you could really do for me and my business, especially as I felt you didn't necessarily have detailed knowledge of my industry.


I was, however, quickly proved wrong and your sound business knowledge and highly methodical and professional approach soon made me realise what a benefit you can and have made to Stancliffe Studios.


I'm so glad I managed to keep an open mind, so thank you for giving my business a firm kick back in the right direction and I look forward to working with you in some way again in the future. Very best wishes, Karl & Ros Stancliffe, Stancliffe Studios

I initially met Mark whilst in BNI, The referral Organisation and although my business was doing ok, I always knew that it could do better, though I was unsure of the next steps.


Mark came recommended to me from one of my customers who had also used Marks services to great success, so, although I was unsure as to how the system would work, I had no doubt that Mark could help my business to grow.


My biggest initial challenge was time so we implemented some simple strategies that helped create more time for me to work ON rather than IN the business. We then laid down a long term plan for the business aligned to my own personal goals and we then started work knocking off each particular challenge in turn. Mark’s initial comments were that my long term plan was too easy and would be achieved ahead of schedule, and I’m pleased to say that we are well ahead of target after the first 12 months of coaching.


I would certainly recommend, and already have done, Marks services to any business who is looking to grow or improve.


Thanks for all your help over the last 18 months, I feel it's been an invaluable process which has given me the tools and the confidence to push forward, many thanks. Simon Woodward, Managing Director, Phaseline Electrical & Security Ltd , Sheffield

We at Hillside found the "Alignment Day" for our business to be a very enjoyable, enlightening and motivational experience. We left the session having booked a full coaching term.


We would consider the use of coaching to be essential for any business to succeed and look forward to future sessions.


Mark Chatterton delivered the days coaching, he did this in a very understanding, educational and professional mannerRichard O'Malley, Director, Hillside Builders Ltd, Sheffield

Before engaging Mark as my Business Coach, I was more than a little sceptical to say the least, having been approached by another Business Coach from a large franchise organisation, who did put me off a little.


That said, Mark was referred to me by one of my trusted colleagues who had used Mark's services for several years and he had helped them to make some real improvements to the way that they run their business.


I guess most business owners think that they know it all, but believe me, what an eye opener it has been working with Mark for just a few months. I already feel lots of positivity regarding the future which is looking good. I'm re-focussed and re-energised.


A lot is happening at the moment and if we carry on improving we are looking to achieve our 5 years financial plan in 2 years.

I feel truly "awakened".Mike Hollick, Director, Footprint Properties Ltd, Doncaster

Prior to working with Mark I was very excited about business coaching as I knew that I couldn't carry on the way I was going. I had become a 'busy fool', running about working around 10 hours a day, including weekends, for what was actually less than the legal minimum wage.



Since engaging Mark as my Business Coach, my time management has improved greatly. I now plan every quarter for the next 3 months ahead, and now have a full diary for the 3 months ahead which is a fantastic feeling as previously I would have been thinking “I hope we get some work in for next month”. Cash flow management is also getting easier as I have a better understanding of what is coming in and going out, more importantly I know when cash is coming in and going out, and I can act accordingly.



Cost control and profit are areas that I have always documented, but allowed to be put on the “back burner” whereas I now have documents which automatically update me so I don't have to manually input data.


I have realised the importance of time and now prioritise tasks according to their importance and value to the business. This means that I am making better use of time which means that the business will benefit.



Throughout the coaching process, the main thing I have learned is that I need to be more disciplined and get the important tasks done as I spent far too much time procrastinating in the past. Quarterly Planning Days allow me to take a step back out of my business and look at how it has performed over the past quarter. It is also great to plan ahead for the next quarter.



I have come across many people who have given up, closed down their business and ended up working as an employee for someone else. “Alignment” or ”Vision and Goal Setting” days are a good reminder as to “why am I doing this” as it makes you suddenly wake up and remember why you went into business in the first place.



To anyone thinking of hiring Mark as their Business Coach, I would say try it - even if just for 6 months. Being a business owner can leave you feeling very lonely. It is great to be able to discuss the challenges that you come across in the business. As a person who has been involved in business since 2004, I have always thought that I knew enough to run a successful business. I now realise that I knew very little indeed. Jason Kelwick, Director, Inverteck Ltd, Electrical Contractor, Sheffield


Before engaging with Mark as my Business Coach, I was quite sceptical as I had no experience of business coaching and I did't really know what to expect.


The coaching process has helped me to control and monitor our business performance. The systems implemented ensure that we have an immediate weekly awareness of our business performance and we can easily identify any problems far earlier and by using a "To Do" list and creating a Default Diary it ensures that we don't overlook tasks and we also have regular control over client contact and follow ups.


Attending Quarterly Planning Days every 3 months ensures that we have a great overview of the many aspects of running a business that I wasn't aware of before, additionally, by having an "end goal" together with KPI's it ensures that


Of the vast amount of knowledge gained from the process I have learned that it is essential to have a good awareness of business performance.


My advice to anyone thinking of hiring a business coach is simply this “You need to know the things that a coach would teach you anyway. Why take years to learn from experience when you can be taught by someone who has learned already and who can monitor your progress” Vin Maher, Managing Director, Fire Safety Specialists Ltd, Sheffield

what past attendees think about our workshops



 “Very motivating, very relaxed, very useful to me as a sole trader” Judith David, Owner, j-com Copywriting Services, Sheffield

“Another awesome session, faultless and always relevant. One of the four most valuable days of the year” Simon Hanson, Director, Hanson Contracts Ltd, Sheffield

“It has been good to take a step out of the day to day running of my business and look back into it to focus on improving it’s efficiency in all areas.” Mark Roberts, Owner, MRES Electrical Services, Barnsley

“I know now the importance of working ON rather than IN the business.” Ray Pinder, Owner, Barnsley Towbar Centre, Barnsley

“Great course, relevant and fun, a day well spent.” Paul Foster, Wizard Auto Craft, Rotherham

“I believe this workshop will keep me more accountable for myself so that I can achieve what I know is achievable” Janita Maaranen, Director, Into Professional Ltd, Sheffield

“Fantastic support! The processes and methods that Mark uses serve to unlock the focused motivation needed for improving on your business. His unique approach helps provide alternative perspectives, allowing you to see different possibilities and opportunities for success.”  Angela Howsego, Director, WildStar Foods Ltd

“Since meeting with Mark Chatterton I’ve started thinking like a business owner. I know that might seem a strange thing to say but Mr Bens was not operating to its full potential and I was in need of fresh ideas and some common sense business strategies putting in place.


After the first 90 Day Planning meeting with Mark I had focus on where my business needed to be and more importantly where I wanted my business to go.  During the day Mark equipped me with the ideas, tools and support to move my business and my personal life in a direction right for me.


I thoroughly recommend Mark as an excellent Business Coach, he goes all out to support and makes a point of making yourself accountable. I’m far more focused on my business and personal goals than I have ever been and I’m reaping the rewards TOO!!” Fiona Gallagher, MD, Owner, Mr Bens Fancy Dress, Sheffield, Est 1998 






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