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 Vision & Goal Setting Workshop

"Well defined goals work like magnets. They pull you in their direction. The better you define them, the better you describe them, the harder you work on achieving them, the stronger they pull"

Jim Rohn



Before you can start to plan what you need to do to improve your business, it's vitally imprtant that we know the direction that you want to go in and where you want to end up, not just with the business, but, more importantly with YOU, your life, your achievements.


So, as a mandatory part of any 1-2-1 coaching programme we offer a "Business Alignment Day".


During this intensive one on one session with your coach we'll work together to establish what are your lifetime goals, what you want to achieve and by when. We'll quantify these goals and "align" these to the business to establish exactly what your business needs to do in order that you, the business owner, can have the lifestyle that you want to achieve.


Although the process is the same for all businesses, no two outcomes are the same, as everyone has a different set of personal goals, and by simply quantifying these and aligning them to the business itself, we're able to establish a clear "road map" of what needs to be done.


From the hundreds of business owners that I've worked with over the years, sadly most do not have a clear, concise, written down plan of what they want to achieve or where they want to go - would you get in a car and just drive without knowing the destination?


If you only do one thing, be sure you have a plan, you'll know where you're going and when you'll arrive.


Investment Level

  • Full Day        £1200+VAT




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