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Efficiency Improvements

As a qualified industrial engineer and business coach with many years hands on experience I am able to analyse a situation, offer and implement solutions to effectively improve labour efficiency through a variety of techniques.


I have a proven track record of improving labour efficiency, particularly, though not exclusively, in large manufacturing organisations.


With the cost of UK labour continuing to rise, a decrease of just a couple of percent in direct labour efficiency can have a massive effect on your bottom line profitability.


For example, if you employ 50 people at minimum wage and their combined labour efficiency is say 70%, you could be wasting in excess of £200k pa - so how much would you spend to reduce this to a more acceptable level?


In many cases, employers do not even know or record their labour efficiency, and by making just a few small changes this can save the business thousands of pounds very quickly, so a quick ROI is highly likely.


My rule of thumb is generally "The bigger the team, the greater the saving".


If you are a well established buiness with more than 50 employees I can pretty much guarantee that I can save you money even after taking into account your investment.


With that kind of guarantee, can you afford not to?


If you don't know what your efficiency is right now and have a large team of people, then I would suggest that you give me a call.



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