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so what happens next ? .....

So you either think you have a problem, or you know that you definitely have a problem or maybe you’re just curious to find out if your business could operate more efficiently, whether it be :


  • More sales


  • No marketing strategy


  • Higher profitability


  • Improved team efficiency


  • Better cash flow


  • Not enough hours in the day


  • Staff problems


  • Struggling to grow

the 5 step evaluation process .....

Over the years, I’ve developed a simple, effective and consistent process in order to evaluate the needs of any business. This helps me to quickly see both the challenges and determine the best course of action to take in order to resolve.



Step 1 – Make contact either by phone or by email. Contact Us



Step 2 – I will give you a call to arrange a suitable time for an initial 20-30 min chat on the phone to explain more about how we work, how we charge, what to expect and, more importantly to gain a brief understanding of the issues within your business.



Step 3 – Following this call I will then ask you to complete various questionnaires (depending upon your needs) and we will agree a timescale for completion. Business Evaluation Tools



Step 4 – Once I have received the completed information, I will review it and discuss with you in more depth over the phone. At this stage, once I have a clearer understanding of your business needs, I will be able to give you an idea of how I can help and the likely investment levels and time scales involved.



Step 5 – I will then come out and visit you at your place of work, at a time convenient to you, to review your business in more detail and (if I can help) give you a written proposal and agree how and when to get started.



The whole 5 step process won't cost you a penny and usually takes between two and three weeks, though the pace is generally determined by the needs of the business and the urgency of the business owner.


Because I only choose to work with serious, passionate, business owners looking to grow and improve their business’s, I will not offer you anything that you don’t need. In fact, totally the opposite from this. As I personally hate being “sold to”, I guarantee not to sell you anything.


I’ll just simply let you know how I can help, how much it costs, and what your expected return on investment is likely to be.


I’ll then leave it up to you, all I do ask for though, right from the start, is honesty and commitment and a decision from you at the end of the process.


……and if I can’t help you, I probably know someone else who can. So either way, you have absolutely nothing to lose by simply picking up the phone.






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