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I qualified as an industrial engineer, a skill that allowed me to look at almost any business, organization, job or task, to measure, evaluate and improve it. There is no task that cannot be measured or improved. I am a firm believer in the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement through quality and believe that excellence in business starts with a positive mindset, without which any plans are doomed before they ever leave the table.


I have a love of learning and I am extremely passionate about sharing my learnings with people I come into contact with. The key to my success is having the ability to take on any business whether it be old or new, thriving or failing and helping you to focus on getting what YOU want out of it.

so what ?


Well I’m not just a theorist - I’ve had many years hands on experience in developing companies and executing strategies, and building great teams - experience that I am able to draw on for you as a client. I know from first hand experience as a business owner myself, how lonely it can be running a company, and how difficult it is to build a business and a team that can succeed. This empathy helps me to help you get through the dark days and cast off whatever is holding you back.

“...because being in business should give you more life…”


I believe that everyone has the right to success. I am passionate about success, passionate about people and passionate about life, and it is this passion that drives me, not only to achieve my own goals, but to achieve the goals and share in the success of everyone I meet, family, friends and colleagues alike.


But not at any cost. Success, I believe, is measured in various ways, not only by material wealth and personal financial freedom, also by achieving a state of balance, freedom from stress and an unparalleled quality of life. I believe I have a duty to utilise my knowledge and experience in order to help others achieve this balance and share in the success.


I have over 30 years management experience gained in variety of businesses ranging from manufacturing to facilities management, from banking to the leisure industry, from business consulting to purchasing and importing to contact centres. I have successfully developed, managed and motivated teams of 200+ employees, developed and implemented business systems and strategies, developed and managed supply chains, developed recruitment strategies, and cost reduction programs.


I’ve gone through severe cash flow challenges; I’ve experienced the problems of market downturns as a well as the problems of rapid growth. In short, I know what you are going through and how to help you.


Having been part of the largest Business Coaching organisation in the World, and spending well in excess of £80,000 on personal development and training over the years with some of the World's most successful Business leaders, I have a vast array of skills and knowledge ready and waiting to help you. Some of my past clients have even gone on to become successful business coaches themselves, having implemented the systems and strategies that they have learned. 


As your Coach, Mentor, and Trusted Advisor, my role is to help you, push you and teach you how to become the business person that you would want to be, and to make your business the successful concern that you dreamt it to be when you started it.


Your knowledge of your business together with my business experience and wealth of knowledge in systems, sales and marketing, team building, customer service and general business development will make a fabulous team to achieve your success.






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