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About Mark Chatterton

Having spent my formative years working my way up the corporate ladder, I learned a variety of skills along the way before buying my first Company, some 25 years ago, as a joint venture back in 1997.

When I exited this business in 2003 the plan was to take a year out and “chill”. However, I was made an offer that “I couldn’t refuse” and went back to work for another local Company.

Working for someone else again, really opened my eyes as to how not to run a business. So when I left full time employment in 2007, I made it my mission to help SME’s in the region by utilising my vast array of knowledge, experience and contacts.

...and what happened next?

Having met and dealt with a variety of business consultants over the years, the majority of whom, I thought were overpaid, egotistical and self centered, I decided to set up my own consultancy specifically to give the local SME market what they needed – help, advice and most importantly results in a transparent, flexible and affordable way that could be delivered in a way to suit THEM.

Having set up the consultancy, I was “recruited” by one of the World’s leading coaching organisations and whilst the systems, methods, philosophy and culture were fantastic, I found that I was still not able to offer my clients what they really wanted, which was an AFFORDABLE solution.

Whilst almost everyone I had spoken with previously needed help in some way or another, the initial investment, for many, seemed to be cost prohibitive, which is partly why MBC-BIS was formed in 2011.

Our approach mixes orthodox and unorthodox methods designed to ensure results and a return on your investment. If I can help, I will, if not I will tell you, either way, just by having an analysis of your business, I guarantee that you will learn more about your business and yourself than you did before – so there’s absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.






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