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Do you want to turn your business into a well oiled, lean, mean profit making machine, reduce your stress levels and work fewer hours per week?

If your answer is YES, then congratulations - you're in the right place, however if the answer is NO then ask yourself "Why am I in business?".


You see most business owners go into business for a variety of reasons, whether it be:


  • To have more control of their future
  • Because they can do a better job or provide a better service than the Company they used to work for
  • To have more free time
  • Because they've got a great new product or idea


Whatever the reason, sadly, most businesses fail very early on, with those who survive getting stuck in a rut and becoming a slave to their business, working long hours, coming home and working on admin, invoicing, quoting etc and have all the stress of chasing the work in the first place, then having to chase people to get paid and usually end up having the EXACT OPPOSITE of what they wanted to achieve when they set up the business in the first place.......sound familiar?


Well there is a different way in which you can break the cycle and release yourself from being "trapped" in the business.


Having worked in dozens of different industries over the last 30 years, I've picked up, and developed some really great, simple and effective ways to dramatically improve your business performance and free up your time so that you can have a better standard of living that you and your family deserve.


Over the past decade I've coached hundreds of business owners on how to do this, several of whom now own hugely successful, award winning businesses, and some have even gone on to become successful coaches themselves.


If you would like to join this elite group of successful business owners and want to learn just how to do this, then give me a call and let's have a chat - and I'll buy the coffee - sound good? 

Our Coaching Programmes

We offer a range of 1-2-1 and group coaching programmes, specifically designed to work at your pace to deliver the results YOU want

Coaching Programme Monthly

  • 1hr - 1.5hrs hours coaching per month (1 session per month)
  • 50% off Quarterly Business Planning Workshops
  • 1 x D.I.S.C Behavioral Report

Coaching Programme Fortnightly

  • 2-3 hours coaching per month (2 sessions per month)
  • Daily accountability
  • 4 x quarterly Business Planning Workshops
  • 2 x D.I.S.C Behavioral Reports

Coaching Programme Weekly

  • 4-6 hours coaching per month (4 sessions per month)
  • Daily accountability    
  • 4 x Quarterly Business Planning Workshops
  • 2 x D.I.S.C Behavioral Reports

Business Alignment Day

  • Mandatory for all 1-2-1 coaching packages
  • Set your vision and align your personal, business and team goals
  • Full day 1-2-1 session with business owners

Planning & Improvement Workshop

A powerful, 1 day, interactive workshop designed to improve all areas of your business and create a clear, concise action plan for the coming quarter

Training Workshops

We run a variety of different Training Workshops covering all aspects of business improvement, tailored to suits the individual needs of your business






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